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HI !

My name is Lia Tomashof,
I’m a 25-year-old designer from Tel Aviv, ISRAEL.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design

at Shenkar college of art and design.

As a creator in the design discipline, I find my interest and inspiration in universal social contexts, ecology, materials, techniques, and technologies that meet the definition of modern needs. My ambition is to be able to examine manufacturing under a moral-ethical magnifying glass.

And put emphasis on what the designer’s role is

in our world today.


Kuchik & Amitai

industrial designer

Knots Studio

Industrial design internship at a furniture design studio.

Jonathan Bar-Or industrial design studio Ltd

Industrial design Internship at a medical product design studio

Shenkar's industrial design graduation exhibition

Producing the event with colleagues, and the curator of the exhibition.

Design Museum Holon

Guide \ Exhibition installation

“You\ me\ everyone" BY Yogev Glusman

Art direction and styling.

“Come heather" BY Buttering Trio

Art direction and styling.

“Bowls of solidarity”

Donation event in collaboration with Shenkar, UCI & Culture Of Solidarity in the hospitality of TEDER.FM. My share was designing the bowls + graphics for the event and producing the event, working with colleagues.


Won 3rd prize.


International competition, in regard to Covid19.

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